Saturday, December 11, 2010

Traditional Polish Christmas Eve (Wigilia) Dinner Menu

Traditional Polish Christmas Eve (Wigilia) Dinner Menu

Christmas Wafer (Oplatek)
Twelve Fruit Compote
Mushroom Soup with Boiled Potatoes
Felicia's (or Aunt Mary's) Kapusta with Boiled Potatoes
Pickled Herring
Pierogi: Plum, Potato and Cheese, and Sauerkraut
Aunt Kay's Rice Casserole
Adam's Poppyseed Roll, Barbara"s Nut Roll, Aunt Hattie's Chruscki, and your favorite Christmas Cookies


December 23 make pierogi and Poppyseed/Nut Rolls

Make Kapusta and Kasha.

December 24th, Christmas Eve Dinner

2 p.m. Start the compote

3 p.m. Set table with crisp, white table cloth, small plate with oplatek (add straw if available). Place only white candles on the table. (These were a must forAunt Sophie, I was scolded once for using a green tablecloth, I have used white ever since!)

Set out nuts and candies to nibble on

4 p.m. Peel potatoes for Mushroom Soup and Kapusta

Make Rice and apple casserole and set out Christmas Cookie Tray

5 p.m. Boil Potatoes, warm Kapusta, warm Kasha, Place Herring into serving dish.

Start frying pierogi. Make coffee. Set out sour cream. Greet guests.

About 5:30-5:45 p.m., watch for the first star.

Gather family at table, share Oplatek, breaking off three pieces, wishing each guest Health, Wealth, and Happiness in the New Year. Serve dinner.


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